About Us

How did this all come to be you might ask? Let's just say it started in the summer of 1986 when Creig Mullikin (Owner) decided to cook Italian beef sandwiches a popular dish in Chicago while his wife Pat was giving birth at home to their only child and son Jordan (Owner). With the smell of garlic, oregano and roasting beef in the air is it any surprise that their son grew to not only love Italian food but also cooking? Later in the late 90's Creig opened his first restaurant Giorgio's of Chicago Laguna Niguel which was a fast casual restaurant featuring Chicago pizza, Chicago hot dogs and to no surprise Italian beef sandwiches. At 12 years of age Jordan worked at the restaurant taking orders, making French fries, sandwiches and whatever else needed to be done. Being there so much Jordan became tired of eating and smelling not only their food but also the rest of the other restaurants in the same shopping center. Even though he was a young teen he decided to start cooking his own food to eat at the restaurant which later turned into him making some of his mom's and family's recipes as specials to sell at the restaurant. Sadly, Creig had to close the business in the early 2000's but his fire never went out. As a teenager in high school Jordan went to work at the Irvine Marriott in cold preparation, banquets and later running the seafood buffet for dinner. This gave him the confidence and skills needed to cook for hundreds of people. After completing High School Jordan decided to open a smaller version of his father's restaurant. He opened Chicago's Best with the help of his father, since he was only eighteen years old. The menu consisted of Chicago favorites like the Chicago hot dog and Italian beef all of which were the same from Giorgio's his father's restaurant. After seven years of building and owning Chicago's Best Jordan realized that this was not what brought him satisfaction. He wanted to create and have fun cooking again. This is when he decided to change the restaurant's name to Aioli and recreate his company focusing on what he loves, sauces! This change was key to building a successful catering business which Jordan still operates out of the Bricco kitchen. But then Covid-19 happened, and the once reliable corporate lunch time clientele disappeared severely effecting his business. This signaled a time for change. Over the years Creig never lost that desire for opening another restaurant that he would be more a part of with his son. Year after year he would come across closed restaurants or open spaces for lease and ask Jordan about moving and opening a different location. Aside from that he never stopped cooking! He built a pizza kitchen in his backyard with his professional dough roller and commercial stone pizza oven where he loves entertaining guests during long nights of drinking good wine and loud laughs. Creig who those close to him affectionally call "Mully" can even be found cooking marinara sauce in the middle of the night when he can't sleep. With Jordan's company Aioli needing a change, once again Creig came across a restaurant looking for change as well but this time Jordan said yes. After 35 years in the making Jordan and Creig purchased Bricco Pizzeria and Wine Bar in June 2021. They have since changed it to Bricco Cucina and Wine Bar while also doing an extensive remodel to the restaurant to carry out their vision. Still keeping a few previous menu items and pizza recipes that customers came to love they also added their own dishes and recipes to the mix. This is who we are and what we are. We welcome you to enjoy this journey with us!